Request Forms

Below are a variety of request forms for all Learning Environments teams.

Classroom Response System Request Form (Poll Everywhere)

Lecture Capture/FERPA Release

This form must be completed and be on file for every enrolled student in order to use students’ photographic, video or audio recordings or images and materials in courses and Rice University promotional materials.

Canvas Course Request (Faculty and Staff Only)

Canvas courses have only been approved for Registrar booked course related activity. All other courses must be vetted and approved.

DO NOT use this form for registrar booked courses in the upcoming semester. Please check Canvas as these courses are created automatically a few months before the semester begins.

Catalog Course Request (Faculty and Staff Only)

Catalog courses can be used when self-enrolling and/or certificates are needed. They must be vetted and approved. Please fill out all information on the form.

LTI Information Page and Request Form Link

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard set of specifications for allowing third party learning applications to integrate with educational platforms. Third party LTI integration allows the application to connect to Canvas.

Course Mailing Lists Request

Mailing Lists are no longer created automatically due to lack of use. If you need/want a mailing list for your course, please fill out the form linked above.

Event Consultation Services

Please fill out this form if you would like to speak with someone for advice about hosting a campus event.

Classroom Requests

This form will allow you to request a room through the office of the registrar.

Technology TA Request Form

Please fill out this form if you would like a Tech TA to assist you with Dual Delivery or Remote teaching.