TechTA Program

The TechTA program is funded by the administration to help faculty with the additional technology requirements of teaching in dual-delivery and/or recording of classes. They recognize that this can be a huge burden for faculty and negatively impact the ability to deliver classroom instruction.

Learning Environments trains and manages TechTAs (undergraduate students) to provide this live, in-person assistance with Zoom, classroom equipment, Canvas, and other instructional tools.


(Please note: Support for Jones School courses are provided by the Jones School. Please contact to inquire about support options.)

Following our format from past semesters, we are currently offering the following options:

1. Entire semester: TechTAs are assigned to your class for the whole semester
2. Beginning of semester: TechTAs assist with your class for the first few weeks (or first several meetings)
3. As-needed basis: TechTA support is available on request for specific class meetings (can be requested at any point during the semester)

To sign-up for a TechTA, please follow the instructions below:

Option 1 and 2

If you would like to request a TechTA for the entire semester, just for the first few weeks of classes, or even several concurrent class meetings; please complete the request form below and we will work to make an assignment.

Option 3

If you only need a TechTA for a single or specific class meeting, please email with details and we will make the as-needed assignments.


If you have any questions about the TechTA program, please email